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74% Combed cotton

23% Prolen Siltex

  3% Spandex (Lycra ®) 

Finishing: Purista

the scale of keeping warm:

Combed cotton soft without impurities, perfect for summer knitwear.Brushing is a process in which cotton is deprived of impurities, nodes, and short fibers whereby achieves a smooth and supple cotton.

The Prolen Siltex is a fiber modified with an antibacterial biogenic silver ions.This measure inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Reduces unpleasant odor, keeps the biological balance of the skin and ensures the freshness of products, fulfilling his task, even after repeated washing.

The product is based on the original fiber of the Lycra ® brand. Lycra ® socks ensures a perfect fit to any, even the most demanding foot - after stretched is fully deformable.Additionally, resistant to sweat, fat and detergents, which increases the comfort and quality of Your life.

Thanks to using the Purista measure, which allows the control over the development of bacterial flora and the associated odor socks stay fresh for a longer time (up to 50 washes). It gives you confidence and makes the persons wearers of socks with a sign Purista will feel clean and surely for a long useful time.

Quality assurance

The quality's guarantee. High quality of our products can appease even very demanding customer. Socks of ReginaSocks are made from the best resources of reputed companies. We colaborate with Legs house and Boruta Soft, what let us know that their products can fend itselves on every foot.


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