strips bamboo

strips bamboo


35-37 / 38-41




76% Bamboo viscose

22% Polyamid

  2% Spandex

Apretura: Silver + protection

the scale of keeping warm:

Bamboo viscoze has a soft grip, strong ability to absorb and donate moisture, which gives you the perfect thermal comfort. 

Polyamide due to its characteristics - lightness, strength, resistance to creasing, easy washing and fast drying is a popular material used for the production of socks. As used in the form of microfibers has a very high flexibility, juiciness of colors and a pleasure to touch.Material is very resistant to bacteria and fungi.

Elastan (SPANDEX) ensures a perfect fit to any, even the most demanding foot - after stretched is fully deformable.Additionally, resistant to sweat, fat and detergents, which increases the comfort and quality of Your life. 

Silver + protection inhibits the growth of bacterial flora, also one that leads to unpleasant odors.Maintains the freshness of socks, even if they are washed in cold weather, so it is possible to reduce energy costs, they are also resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

Quality assurance

The quality's guarantee. High quality of our products can appease even very demanding customer. Socks of ReginaSocks are made from the best resources of reputed companies. We colaborate with Legs house and Boruta Soft, what let us know that their products can fend itselves on every foot.


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