Have you got an idea for your own socks pattern? Our imaginative staff makes it easier for you to enforce your project, prompts you with materials, proposes colour scheme and, what is more significant, accomplishes realisation from beginning to end.


Do you want to brighten the image of your company? Warm socks with your company’s logo on it will definately make it for you. Our socks can have an influence on temper enhancement. Do you need it? We can do it for you! We pick proper colours, dimensions, materials and package. We have got an experience and we are going to use it well!

Companies, which we cooperate with

Quality assurance

The quality's guarantee. High quality of our products can appease even very demanding customer. Socks of ReginaSocks are made from the best resources of reputed companies. We colaborate with Legs house and Boruta Soft, what let us know that their products can fend itselves on every foot.


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